Safety is a corporate value of this company. We believe in providing our employees and customers with a safe and healthy environment. Elitellina have in place a Safety Management System, organisation-wide, with the objective to proactively manage identifiable risks and eliminate injury to personnel and damages to equipment. To that end, we continuously examine our operations for hazards and find way to minimize them. We report incidents, train staff, document our findings and our responses and strives for continuous improvement.

A Safety Manager, with active aviation experience, is appointed by the organisation to ensure this value is well implemented within the organisation; however, every employee of the company is an active figure when it come to safety of operations;


Elitellina, is a proud member of the Flight Safety Foundation and the International Airborne Geophysics Safety Association (IAGSA).


Beside normal compliance audit activities conducted by Italian CAA against the EASA Standards. Elitellina, is continually involved in external safety audits conducted by globally known Aviation Safety Advisors such as Litson and Associates and SGS Hart Aviation against well defined industry standards such as the Flight Safety Foundation maintained BARS standard, the International Association of Oil&Gas Producers (IOGP) Standard and the Geophysical Survey Rio Tinto standard.



Elitellina organisation is Quality Certified in accordance with ISO STANDARDS 9001:2015 regarding quality of production and procedures; ISO STANDARDS 14001:2015 regarding environmental protection and ISO STANDARDS 45001:2018 in regard to operational health and safety within the organisation.

Through its Politica Aziendale, Elitellina improves its results in terms of quality of services. Aviation Quality Systems are managed within the organisation and continuously oversighted by the National Aviation Authority.


Elitellina owns an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) IT.AOC.058 issued by Italian CAA (ENAC) in accordance with the European standard regulation EU 965/2012 and it is a registered Air Carrier; Aerial Work activities are operated under the same regulation and certified in accordance with the Part-SPO. The High Risk Specialised Operations, such sling load activities and survey, are operated on the basis of an High Risk SPO Certificate issued by the authority IT.SPOHR.0020. The Non-High Risk Specialised Operations are conducted in accordance with the regulation and controlled by the Company on the basis of a Declaration (DEC);

The performance of Firefighting activities are in accordance with the National Regulations of Italy and Portugal under the certification COAN-001 and Despacho 1/2018, respectively.


Continuing Airworthiness of the fleet is managed by the certified department of Elitellina in accordance with EASA Part-M Subpart G (IT.CAMO.0058), the extension/renewal of Airworthiness review certificate of the aircrafts in the fleet is carried out by the organisation accordingly to the EASA standards.


Maintenance of the helicopters and some components is – mainly – performed in-house by Elitellina’s EASA Part-145 certified department (IT.145.0014), in case of sub-contracted maintenance the Quality System of the organisation verifies the standard of the contracted organisation; No maintenance will be performed by an unqualified maintenance organisation not meeting the company’s and EASA standards.

CAMO rev9
+ Specifica rev49

+ Specifica rev12


COAN Specifica rev5


C.A. Part 145 rev7